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The Backpacking Club, founded in1994, is a non-profit co-op run entirely by unpaid volunteers and dedicated to the enjoyment of nature and wilderness through hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and educational programs. Our main interests are dayhiking and backpacking in all seasons. Our major project each year is either the Backpacking Course or Advanced Backpacking and Leadership course held in the spring.

The principle of a co-op like ours is that you benefit by being guided, for example, on perhaps a number of hikes and in return you guide others on a hike.  Not all events are equal in value and weighing them is somewhat subjective.   The most valuable service you can provide for the club is to lead a backpacking trip.   In descending order, other services are: leading an overnighter with hikes; leading a dayhike; facilitating club functions such as presenting slide shows or phoning reminders; hosting a party at your home; and hosting a party at a restaurant.

More about The Backpacking Club: its organization, mission, and activities is included herein. Consider joining us and subscribing to our newsletter.


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