POB 9142, Spokane, WA. 99209-9142     (509) 467- 8099



The Backpacking Club is a non-profit co-op run entirely by unpaid volunteers and dedicated to the enjoyment of nature and wilderness through hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and educational programs. Singles, couples, and families can be members. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent.

The principle of a co-op like ours is that you benefit by being guided, for example, on perhaps a number of hikes and in return you guide others on a hike.   Not all events are equal in value and weighing them is somewhat subjective.   The most valuable service you can provide for the club is to lead a backpacking trip.   In descending order, other services are: leading an overnighter with hikes; leading a dayhike; facilitating club functions such as presenting slide shows or phoning reminders; hosting a party at your home; and hosting a party at a restaurant.

Please see additional information on this website for more information about the structure of The Backpacking Club.


          The Backpacking Club Memberships are $25 a year per mailing address until August 1, 2014. Note that the dues structure will be modified for anyone joining after August 1, 2014.   Those getting their newsletter online by PDF file will still pay $25 a year.   Those opting to receive their newsletter by mail (U.S. Postal Service) will need to pay $35 a year.  Please fill out a joining form/liability waiver, have everyone at your mailing address fill it out and sign it, and mail it to: The Backpacking Club P.O.B. 9142 Spokane, WA 99209-9142.

          If you have questions, suggestions, or need more information, please call (509)-467-8099 and leave a message. Someone from the club will return your call as soon as possible.

          Note: Cotton clothing is inappropriate for hiking or backpacking in the Northwest.


The Backpacking Club Newsletter is part of the membership subscription. Besides articles of interest it includes trip schedules, wrap-up reports on previous trips, and photos taken by club members. It is not available on line or to non-members.